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Wednesday, August 29

09:00 CEST

Circonus: Design (Failures) Case Study
The Circonus platform is a telemetry (time-series) ingest, storage, and analysis platform that provides engineers with tooling to manage systems via SLOs. As SREs, we use SLOs to manage Circonus. Herein lie some interesting recursive lessons. This talk will detail the systems architecture from inception to current day including a migration from bare-metal to Google Cloud. Along this path have been many crimes against computing. I will talk specifically about the architectural evolution as punctuated by my failure.

avatar for Heinrich Hartmann

Heinrich Hartmann

Analytics Lead, Circonus
Heinrich Hartmann is the Analytics Lead at Circonus. He is driving the development of analytics methods that transform monitoring data into actionable information as part of the Circonus monitoring platform. In his prior life, Heinrich pursued an academic career as a mathematician... Read More →
avatar for Theo Schlossnagle

Theo Schlossnagle

Founder & CEO, Circonus
The Founder/CEO of Circonus, Theo Schlossnagle is a practicing software engineer and serial entrepreneur. At Johns Hopkins University he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science, with a focus on graphics and randomized algorithms in distributed systems. Theo founded... Read More →

Wednesday August 29, 2018 09:00 - 09:40 CEST
0 - Rheinlandsaal Ballroom

09:40 CEST

SRE Theory vs. Practice: A Song of Ice and TireFire
In many technical talks, you see a speaker from a renowned tech company stand up and describe a perfect utopia of an environment. You look at the perfect environment and dedicated hordes of senior engineers they describe, and you despair of ever getting to that point. Your environment looks nothing like that.

Surprise—their environment doesn't really look like that either! In this talk, a speaker from an unnamed tech unicorn describes their amazing environment—and then what they just said gets translated from "thought leader" into plain English for you by an official SREcon translator. Stop feeling sad—everything is secretly terrible!

avatar for John Looney

John Looney

Production Engineering Manager, Facebook
John Looney has been an SRE since 2005, working with large distributed systems for Google and Facebook. He enjoys teaching SRE concepts with concrete examples. His day job is supporting teams that manage and deploy operating systems and firmware for Facebook.
avatar for Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn

Editor, Last Week in AWS
Corey is a Cloud Economist at the Quinn Advisory Group and an advisor to ReactiveOps. He has a history as an engineering director, public speaker, and cloud architect. Corey specializes in helping companies address horrifying AWS bills, hosts the "Screaming in the Cloud" podcast... Read More →

Wednesday August 29, 2018 09:40 - 10:20 CEST
0 - Rheinlandsaal Ballroom

10:20 CEST

Data Protection Update and Tales from the Introduction of the GDPR
The General Data Protection Directive came into force on the 25th May 2018, and this, in addition to other current legal developments such as cases relating to the Privacy Shield, make the area of data protection rather fast-moving and interesting at the moment. SRE organisations are often involved in ensuring compliance with these initiatives. This talk will be an update on current events and analysis of how they may impact SREs in the immediate future.


Simon McGarr

Data Compliance Europe
Simon McGarr is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading experts in Data Protection. A practising solicitor, Data Protection consultant and external DPO, he has lectured in the Law Society, regularly appears on national media discussing data issues and was recently invited by the... Read More →

Wednesday August 29, 2018 10:20 - 10:50 CEST
0 - Rheinlandsaal Ballroom
Friday, August 31

16:00 CEST

SRE for Good: Engineering Intersections between Operations and Social Activism
Our job as engineers does not stop purely with adherence to Service Level Objectives. A service that does a reliable job of harming people, exacerbating injustices, or excluding marginalized groups is not at all a service worth building and maintaining. Technology is poised to change the world, for good or for ill, and engineers of all kinds share a responsibility to ensure that their work is "for the public good." We can apply SRE practices to advocate for justice in the products we build and in the broader industries we work in.

Attendees will learn about the parallels between SRE and social activism movements, and how they can advocate for changing their workplaces and the world.

avatar for Liz Fong-Jones

Liz Fong-Jones

Developer Advocate, Activist, and Site Reliability Engineer, Google
Liz is a Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Google and works on the Google Cloud Customer Reliability Engineering team in New York. She lives with her wife, metamour, and two Samoyeds in Brooklyn. In her spare time, she plays classical piano, leads an EVE Online alliance, and advocates... Read More →

Friday August 31, 2018 16:00 - 16:40 CEST
0 - Rheinlandsaal Ballroom

16:40 CEST

Can I Tell You a Secret? I See Dead Systems
We live in a world of shiny new tech introduced all the time. Heck, we even made cars that drive themselves. Yet all around us, unseen and hidden, lurk ancient, forgotten systems. They're in our kernels, our terminals and our CPUs... They are everywhere. This is the story of how remnants of dead systems continue to haunt us in present days and why we can't seem to get rid of them.

Legacy is a fact of life, riddled with hacks and weird workarounds that have survived 30+ years. We all complain about it, yet are building tomorrow's legacy systems today. The aim of this talk (besides being amusing) is to raise awareness for End-Of-Life phase of software products.

avatar for Avishai Ish-Shalom

Avishai Ish-Shalom

Engineer in Residence, Aleph VC
Avishai is a veteran operations and software engineer with years of high scale production experience. At present, Avishai helps growing startups and the Israeli high-tech eco-system as Engineer in Residence in Aleph VC fund. In his spare time, Avishai is spreading weird ideas and... Read More →

Friday August 31, 2018 16:40 - 17:00 CEST
0 - Rheinlandsaal Ballroom

17:00 CEST

Junior Engineers Are Features, Not Bugs
There are many benefits to hiring junior engineers, but when it comes to teams responsible for production infrastructure, we default to thinking such risky environments are no place for newbies. However, "the things we do are too risky to have junior engineers working on them" often instead means "we haven’t invested properly in resiliency." Hiring junior engineers onto production-critical teams can guide you to reduce risk to your production systems by highlighting needed improvements you should be making regardless. We’ll walk through three categories—architecture, process, and tooling—and discuss the specific ways that a junior engineer may illustrate the need for improvement in each. We'll also discuss concrete approaches to effectively hiring and onboarding junior engineers on SRE teams specifically.

avatar for Kate Taggart

Kate Taggart

Engineering Manager, HashiCorp
Kate has worked in multiple areas of tech over the past decade, ranging from power grid resiliency to fintech to enterprise software. Kate has managed a variety of teams across the devops spectrum at New Relic and Simple, and is now at HashiCorp helping build tools for other companies... Read More →

Friday August 31, 2018 17:00 - 17:40 CEST
0 - Rheinlandsaal Ballroom